Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mommy feels your movement :-D

So at around March 25th, the end of the 16th week, i started to feel something in my lower abdomen, but everyone said it was too early to feel you and its probably gas.. well, i def think its not gas, so finally this morning i took someones advice and laid still and quiet for a few minutes and felt you move!! :-D So here we are, at 17 weeks and i can feel you move when i sit or lay down and when i do feel ya, you move like i guess daddy and i are gonna have our hands full with ya ;-) i cannot wait! :-D

Sunday, March 27, 2011

week 16

Well, once again, another week flew by and we are entering our 17th week (or 18th week if you want to go by my doctor who cant make up his mind..ha..) this past week was a decent one. I still have a little bit of morning sickness here and there, although i dont get sick, but im happy that its not as bad as it was in the first trimester. My back and legs still ache, along with some lower abdomen pain ("pelvic pain"?) which i dont know what it is, but was told its normal. The pain comes and goes, however, and its something ive learned to ignore.. and im starting to love and become more and more comfortable with this second trimester. Sleep is getting better, although i do feel like an old lady at times because i "cant hang".. ha. i get tired pretty early and start to drag when im on my feet for long hours.. but im sure ill adjust to all that soon.


..trying to take a better pic.. daddy loves this baby bump, but he has a hard time capturing it..ha.

Every once and a while, i think i feel you, but im not sure if its gas or anything else.. i feel this random kind of twitch from the area you might be sitting which feels like a poke from within..but its still a little early so we will see. But the good news is I guess you're finally showing!! :-D I dont really know what to look for since ive never been pregnant before and every little bit of fat on my belly looks "different" however, daddy finally agreed that i have a "baby bump" and for a first time, a random stranger recognized i was due! haha.. how cute! im sure in a couple of months that will start to be annoying (hearing random peices of advice and pregnancy stories from strangers) but for now, im loving it :-D im one proud momma! we took a quiz today and it was predicted that you are a girl! im just anxious to get this ultrasound in a couple of weeks and see what kind of clothes i can start buying! :-D Ive been looking into finding another doctor because im not sure about this one.. hes always in a rush during my visit and when i ask him about any concerns, he tells me its normal.. i found someone in Sweedsboro (that means ill be able to deliver in Elmer, where theres a brand new materinity ward and rumor has it, great nurses :-D although my dream was to always deliver at the same hospital i was born at.. but its out of state and medicade wouldnt cover that) i need to wait for my HMO Horizon card to come in in April (about a week or so) and be able to visit this other doctor.. so we will see..

Daddy and I just got back from a much needed weekend away in Atlantic City. We had a blast, as always.. and I counting on this being our last couple get-away for a while.. but thats okay.. :-D hopefully our next trip will be to the beach with the kids this summer.

Daddy's next project (and his "baby" for right now..ha..) is the fish tank.. which he is working on as i type.. here are the before pics take a few days ago.. hes hoping to have it ready for fish soon..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basement.. house project #1 before due date

Daddy's been working really hard to get this basement mostly done so we could move the kids play area down there and change their playroom into your bedroom.. here are some photos..

the ceiling before..

daddys working hard!! love this tile! :-D

fish tank wall almost there.. daddy put up his own drywall

lots of holes in the wall but that will be fixed soon..

behind the fish tank before pic.. (sideways, sorry..)

halfway there!! the ceiling and lights look amazing!!  (cant figure out how to rotate pics on here..)

the main, biggest part of the basement is done!!

this is all we have left.. the smaller part of the basement..

Friday, March 18, 2011

week 15 baby bump

3/18, end of week 15,   144 lbs

it still doesnt feel like a baby bump.. to me it looks like fat :-( i just cant wait til its an OBVIOUS preggo belly..without the jiggly gross stuff..       :-P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4rth Doctors visit

Well, the 4rth doctors appointment is over and all is great! :-) We got to listen to your heartbeat which is always exciting.. i love hearing or seeing you! cant wait til i actually get to feel your movements as well! I also saw the dentist and nutritionist.

the dentist appointment was a lot easier this time..  they say that pregnant women have the worse gums, for some odd reason they get really senstive and prone to bateria and stuff. So just for YOU, baby i took up flossing and have been to the dentist 3 times already (both things i HATE..bleh) but i dont want any bateria in my mouth to affect you.. and my gums have been improving.. there wasnt as much pain or bleeding this time, woo-hoo! :-D

the nutitionist said that i looked good and aplauded my improvement on my diet.. ive been working hard trying to make sure you get the nutrition you need :-) She also weighed me and im now at about 144 (i started out at 138ish before i knew i was pregnant.. then 145 after the first 2 months..) so she said that my weight is kinda back and forth but that i look healthy and that she will wait to judge my growth and weigh me again in a couple of months after the next ultrasound and get to measure your growth as well..

i also got my blood taken for screen tests to make sure you dont have any serious disorders.. and they told me that your due date is now predicted to be Sept. 2nd.. im sure that will change maybe once or twice again..ha. the doctor said that all is well and you and mommy are healthy and that the cramps and back pains ive been feeling are normal.. and that massages help (thats a hint for daddy) ill see him again in 3 weeks and then we will get to see you again in another ultrasound where we will hopefully get to reveal.. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNN.. your sex! :-D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Trimester Pics..


1/18, 7 weeks

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

2/14, week 11    (145lbs.. "pre-baby fat")
     3/5, week 13  (142.7lbs)

        (SECOND TRIMESTER) week 14, 3/12  (143lbs)

Week 15

Here we are.. week 15.. man does time fly! It feels like just yesterday I was holding a positive Home Pregnancy Test in my hands... We've come a long way and I got the idea from a coworker to start blogging about this wonderful journey and maybe one day, Baby Hearn, you will be able to read this and smile. :-D

Daddy has been working vigorously on our basement, trying to make it ready for his man cave/ kids hang out area/ work out space so we can move the kid's playroom and start making that extra bedroom yours. :-) Let me tell ya, this home-owners business is NO JOKE. we've got our work cut out for us. The basement and your room is just the start of it. Hopefully we will be able to finish the bathroom, work on the deck, yard, shed, and fence. 6 months does not seem like enough time! Daddy's superman when it comes to working with his hands though, so I wouldn't underestimate him. :-)

As far as you and your growth in mommy's belly goes.. We've been to the doctors 3 times and had 2 ultrasounds. :-) you are already adorable and incredibly active!! The doctor says you and mommy are growing perfectly! :-) Everything is going great and I cannot wait until I see you again in the ultrasound where we find out your sex!! will you be Harper/Rian Elizabeth Hearn or Logan/Chase Riley/Ryan Hearn?  Inquiring minds want to know!! Aubri, Mom-mom Hymer, Uncle Jeffery, and Grandmom Krumm want you to be a girl.. Zachary is hoping for another little brother.. i dont think he can take another Aubri. hahah.. as for the rest of us, we just want you to be happy and healthy. :-D But know that we will love you NO MATTER WHAT. And dont worry, your name should be decided soon..its harder than i thought it would be! ha. and rumor has it that you can hear noises by now so enojoy the music and mommys crazy babbling.. i want to try to start reading to you soon too.  P.S. the 4rth doctors visit is this Thursday..yay! :-D

My first trimester was pretty challenging with the back pains, nausea, and exhaustion. I was elated to finally enter into my second trimester to get past all that. Now the morning sickness is pretty much gone (sometimes the mornings are still not the best..) and I def have my appetite back and am trying to eat more well balanced meals for ya, baby. :-) The energy is coming back slowly as well so i am starting to feel a little bit more like myself again. Although it hasn't really been completely smooth sailing lately.. the second trimester seems to come with some challenges as well... Sleep has not been very easy, i wake up at every little thing.. my emotions have not been very easy to control lately too.. and your growth is definitely causing some cramping in mommy's belly.. no bueno.

Regardless of all the not so fun things about being pregnant, daddy, brother, sister, and I are all SOOOO much in love with you already and we CANNOT wait til you are born!! go ahead and get your growth on so you are healthy when it comes time, but dont get too comfy.. its only been 15 weeks and i am already getting impatient :-P