Saturday, July 9, 2011

mommy's slacking again.. :-/

ok, ok.. i know its been a while since ive posted and i am sorry about that but ill try to quickly update you.. the third trimester has had its downsides with the lower back pains and heart burn (daddy says that means you will come out with a head full of hair :-D) but its been great watching you grow, feeling you move, getting ready for your arrival (daddy and i have been VERY busy with working on your room and our house), and getting even more and more excited (and a lil nervous) about your arrival getting closer.. :-D and ive mostly enjoyed my third trimester :-D

the last 2 dr appts went well..mommy and you are healthy and growing as you should be.. :-) it was the blood sugar test, shots, and such that was the unfun part.. yeck, glad thats over. however, i got to meet the obygn who is partners with my midwife and she is great! :-)  i learned that being rh - (my blood type) is not safe when you're pregnant.. who knew?   I had to take a painful shot at the hospital to help protect you from my cells.. (its hard to explain) the shot wasnt fun, but it was a blessing in disguse because i got to see and tour the hospital you will be born at!! and i LOVE it!! the nurses are so nice and very accomidating and all about natural child births, breastfeeding, and having the baby stay in the room with the parents after birth.. all of which make me very happy :-) it made me even more excited for your birth and make your life even more of a reality to me!!

Daddy and i have also been very busy getting the house and your room ready for your arrival.. daddy is pretty much done the basement and his fish tank looks great!! i know you will just love it!! :-) the yard is looking nicer with a painted deck and weeds all gone.. and your bedroom is painted and has the most important furniture in it: your crib and changing table.. and we also have a ton of hand-me-downs which i have to wash but i feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life who are so giving!! :-) all thats left is getting the basinett ready (gotta clean and set it up in our room), curtains, laundry, and your dresser.

"Aunt" Nikki (my BEST friend) is busy planning your shower and i sooooo cannot wait!! :-) that will be in about a month! yay!! and ive been getting things ready for my last day of work (2 weeks before your due date, Aug 16th) so i can get a paycheck while home with you after birth :-) and daddy is getting more and more excited for your arrival in Sept (or whenever you decide to grace us with your presence! :-D )

daddy and i also went to a birthing class on Thursday and will go every thursday this month while Grandma Krumm watches your brother and sister.. it was AMAZING!! i am SO glad i am going!! :-D its at the same hospital (but different location) that i am delivering at so the teacher might just be there for your birth! (she is a RN and a lactation consultant) she is an advocate of natural childbirth and breastfeeding as well, so she is helping teach us different methods to deal with the pain.. she also helps mommy to relax which i know you love! :-)

next week, i have another midwife appt and thats the beginning of the appts. which are now going to happen every 2 weeks.. and i cannot wait!! i am now 32 weeks (8 weeks left.. aahhhh!! :-D) and she said at around 36 weeks, she will check to make sure that you are head down and everything, but other than that, no more shots or anything, so mommy is scott free! yay!! :-) i am about 162 lbs now which is pretty normal... however, i stopped weighing myself all the time because i didnt like to see my weight so high (even though i know it is normal and healthy during pregnancy) and i just let the midwife weigh me and she says im little but doing great.. :-D it makes me think that you are going to be a small baby, which i love!! i cannot wait to see your little hands and feet! :-D

everywhere i go, strangers are noticing the baby bump.. they ask the same things: what are you having? and when are you due? most of the time, they can guess im having a boy (since i am carrying so low) and most of the time, people are shocked to find out i have 8 weeks left "you're so tiny!" they tell me.. good :-) i like being "tiny"..hahha.. as long as its healthy.

oh and here's a random note: you have hiccups like once a day.. at first i thought it was you kicking, but then i realized it was your hiccups.. and you are moving nonstop as usual, and everyone is enjoying seeing and feeling your movement.. :-D  my good friend lindsey was the first person outside of our family (daddy and sister aubri) to feel you move.. yay! :-D get used to all these people now, Logan because you will meeting them all face-to-face pretty soon... they all love you already and cannot wait to meet you! :-)

ok, now onto pics.. i havent uploaded any on here since the 3rd trimester began, and you've def grown and my belly's shaped has changed (daddy says its because you are turning to get ready to have your head down.. i think its weird looking, but amazing and cute at the same time! :-D)

6/3,  26 weeks

  6/10, 27 weeks

 6/18, 28 weeks

 7/8 31 weeks

 7/8, 31 weeks.. belly's shape has def changed.. you're getting ready for your arrival!! :-D

 6/3, your room is painted :-)

 6/27.. your room is almost there! :-)

now onto some of daddy's home renovations..

 daddy added border.. looks great! :-)

 every once and a while he adds more life to the tank

 and now there are no more holes in the walls.. yay! :-)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 weeks

your crib blanket/'s gonna be the same orange as the lion

25 weeks 5/28, apprx 157 lbs (18lbs gained since pre-preg weight, 8 lbs left til max gained goal)

your first toy/gift from grandma krumm 5/28

everything is still going great.. :-D mommy is feeling great, minus the days when her back, hips, and legs are bothering her, but thats is seriously minimal compared to the joy of carrying you :-D Im loving how i realize that now you react to certain things.. for example, you love to dance when you hear music :-) and you're def shy already because no one has been able to feel you move besides your sister and daddy and me.. and you could be as still as a rock but when daddy puts his hand on you, you go NUTS. hahhaa.. i honestly dont like how shy you are, we are def gonna hafta break you of that. no kid of mine can ever be shy! hahha.. i also love how i can "play" with you... i know it sounds crazy, but you will be still and i will poke at you or shake you and then you will react.. and it makes me even more excited to hold you in my arms and play with you in person :-D i love you so!!

and so does everyone else!! daddy def enjoys feeling and watching you move.. and at grandpa krumm;s bday party yesterday, everyone loved "seeing" you!! they said you've grown! and that you have! hahaa.. :-D everyone rubbed you and said hi but i think you were tired yesterday because you didnt move as much as you used to.. but i am definately loving the fact that you are a little more noticable by others now.. and i smile ear to ear when someone gives me an excuse to talk about you and your arrival, my baby boy :-D

Thursday i go see my oby/gn who is my midwife's partner..this will be the first time i am meeting the dr instead of the midwife, but i am excited!! ill keep you updated after the appt :-D

Monday, May 23, 2011

24 weeks

i feel like such a bad mother because its been such a rough week i havent really had time to take the belly bump pic or post anything about you recently.. sorry, baby boy. but i did check my weight last night, we are now at about 157. (18 lbs since pre-preg weight and 7 lbs til max weight gain goal)

There is really nothing else new to write about.. mommy is feeling fine and you are still as active as ever :-) your kicks have definately gotten a lot stronger and sometimes I feel your movement on my bladder which is.. lets just say, interesting. ha.

I still cant believe that theres almost 3 months left til your arrival!! I love ya so and everyone, including me is sooo excited to meet u, but i do worry about being "ready" for ya, so take your time and grow and perfect yourself as much as you can before you decide to meet the world.. besides, life is a lot better in the womb anyways ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

is this what you'll look like?

hahaha.. found this website that joins together mom and dad's pics to show what the baby might look like and i tried it with me and daddy and here it is..

kinda cute and scarey at the same time.. i think its cuz he's not smiling.. my son will most definately be smiling :-) and its strange how he has red hair and neither daddy nor i have red hair but your grandpa krumm does.. will you have his hair color? hmm.. cant wait to meet you, bay boy! :-D

btw, just thought id mention that over the past couple of weeks your kicking has gotten a lot stronger.. take it easy on mommy, please Logan :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 weeks

23 weeks, 5/14 (cousin Matthew's wedding)
about 155lbs (16 lbs gained.. 8 more left til max goal)

feeling great! love being preggo and love loving you, Logan! :-)  gonna call the midwive soon about some new symptoms ive been having.. maybe they are normal, but she told me to listen to my body and be cautious about anythign going on because it is important to treat a UTI asap at this time of the pregnancy and to look out for premature labor signs..

btw, i noticed recently that yes, you are a very active baby.. but it cracks me up because its like some days i can feel you move every sec and the next day, almost nothing (btw, that used to worry me a bit, but i got over that quickly because its nothing to stress about) and i think its because you are nuts like your mommy, but you wear yourself out and need to rest..hahaha.. yesterday at the wedding, you moved a bit here and there but didnt start really moving til i was driving home and all til i laid down to sleep..haha.. figures ;-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

..just wanted to tell ya..

Logan, i LOVE when i can feel your movement in my belly.. everytime you move, you make me smile, baby boy.. :-D Mommy loves you VERY much already! and if you already make me this happy and full of love, i cannot wait to see how happy i am when you are born! cannot wait to meet you! :-D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 weeks

Not much to put in this post besides the fact that daddy will be starting on your room soon, yaaayyyy!! :-D and mommy's working on your registry..  Your baby bump is getting more and more noticable and i love watching you grow and being congradulated by random strangers (just as long as they dont TOUCH the baby bump, we are fine..hahah..) :-D as if its possible, im getting more and more excited about your arrival... it seems more and more real everyday.. but i will miss being pregnant.. i LOVE watching and feel you move around in there (which you do a TON.. daddy says you do it more while im sleeping..hahha.. good thing it doesnt bother me :-P) now i can see you actually MOVE from one end of the womb to the next (and not just the kicks and punches..)

22 weeks, 5/7 about 153 (14 lbs gained)

i cannot wait to meet you because you are SOOOO adorable already!! :-D  im feeling great.. just experiencing a lil pain in the back and front from time to time.. yesteday was a bad day.. and the day before i was BEAT up by my allergies.. im glad i can take something for them while im pregnant.. i dont think id survive if i couldnt. ha. I hope you can hear the music and feel me jamming to it because ive def been breaking it down around the house, in the car, and at work lately.. haha.. enjoy, Logan! love ya, baby boy! :-D

P.S. today is mothers day.. its definately crazy to be wished a happy mothers day... i hope i can be the best mother in the world to you..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd Midwife visit, 5th month check-up

I LOVE our midwife, Logan!! she takes her time with me and understands that i have a ton of concerns and questions and she is very understanding, patient, and encouraging with me.. just what i need :-) I talked to her about my lack of sleep lately and she said i could take Benadryl at night which is def what i will start doing instead of taking Zyrtec..yay! :-D they weighed me at the office but i dont think it was accurate cuz i had just eaten breakfast and all.. they said about 154.. that means i gained about 2 lbs in the past 3 days? i think not.. however, it did open my eyes to how much i need to try to take better controls of my urges.. it is SO hard to have self control and not eat candy and other sweets :-( but i need to try harder to avoid those things and get better exercise.. today is a beautiful day and so i went for a walk and bikeride.. my back and legs are feeling better, that is great :-D however, now the muscles under my baby bump are hurting, which is normal because of the gained weight in that area and such, but its not comfy at all :-/ good thing i have an active lifestyle overall with your siblings and my job..

we listened to your heartbeat and i LOVE doing that.. its getting so loud and strong! how cute!! :-) we also talked about some other concerns i have, and shes handles me and my worries amazingly..hahah.. so happy with my choice! :-D i have to get some blood work and I will see her again next month :-)

enjoy the music and dancing, my lil man, mommy's in a good mood and feeling great today :-D

****added after first published***
i forgot to mention something else the midwife told me.. she said at week 22 you can start to go into premature labor.. i couldnt believe that!! already?! i feel like im not that far along just yet.. she said i should stay hydrated and that means drink AT LEAST ONE GALLON of water A DAY.. IN ADDITION to other drinks..!! ahhhhh!! lol.. well, that just means more potty trips :-P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

week 21 pic

4/29, 21 weeks
about 152 lbs (13 gained, about halfway to my max lbs gained goal)
FYI: according to your weight gain at 22 weeks should be around 12-15 lbs and after that is is average to gain about 1 lbs per week. I have about 18 weeks left, however my weight gain goal max is 25 so that leaves about 12 lbs left to gain..

Logan, I feel like you "sprouted" at around 19, 20 weeks.. its hilarous to see peoples reactions because it's like you came outta nowhere...ha. And now I feel like you've been the same size over the past couple of weeks.. (wk 20 and 21) :-D

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy's slacking..

Sorry, Logan, mommy's been slacking with the posting lately.. Its been an exhasting eventful last couple of weeks and I havent had much time to spare and so the computer was definately something out of my reach recently.. okay, lets see what i need to update you on..

Let's start with the fact that I missed posting my 21 week update.. nothing new, really.. just having a hard time getting a full night's rest, but who knows that if that has to do with the pregnancy or not.. you're still growing and more and more people are noticing ya!! :-D most think it's just a little extra weight but some say its an obvious baby bump cuz of how round you are getting :-)

20 weeks, 4/23 about 150 lbs (11 lbs gained)
lol.. and let me jus tell ya that people get shocked by how big you are getting so quickly.. and mommy is pretty shocked too.. I walk by a mirror and go "who's that with the pregnant belly?" lol..  its kind of weird cuz i dont think i look pregnant until i turn to the side and its a little bit of a shock still..hahha..

moving onto my 3rd Dr option.. i finally got to see the midwife last thursday and have made the decision to stay with her.. ive also decided to deliever at Elmer, attempt to not go for the epidural, and also breastfeed..  I feel a little more confident now because the midwife seemed to know what she's doing in all those areas and had nothing but encouraging positive words to offer me and i know all those things are challenging, but your mommy is strong, stubborn, and determined, and everything is gonna be just fine :-D
Last friday, some men came over and laid down the carpet for the basement.. it looks GREAT and your big brother and sister are loving all the extra space down there.. there are a few more repairs that have to be done (the trim is next, then the doors on the holes in the walls that give us access to the water heater, etc.. and the other half of the ceiling, and the windows..) however, those are not really important right now and will take time and money so for now, we moved the things from the play room down there and the play room will be starting to turn into your room soon :-D i'll be sure to keep you updated with pics on that too :-) work is never done for mommy and daddy (esp daddy, he's working so hard on everything.. you should be proud :-D)

On Saturday, we had the grandparents over for Easter dinner because your brother and sister was at their moms on Sunday, Easter day.. and it was really nice to get together with everyone, as always :-) and i realized that that was the last big holiday without you.. the next big holiday is Halloween and hopefully we willl have you in a cute costume for that :-)

For Easter, daddy and I went to my grandparent Krumm's for a traditional Italian family holiday dinner :-D yum!!

On Tuesday, Daddy and I went to Babies R Us and registered for your baby shower.. man was that overwhelming!! theres so much!! and I definately think I need "Aunt Nikki"'s help with fixing it up a little bit.. I had NO clue what i was doing.. and daddy was a little help, but I need all the help i can get.. haha.. "Aunt Nikki" and I are gonna get togehter soon to discuss that and your baby shower plans :-D cant wait!!!

I think ive covered everything over the past week.. Sunday we are 22 weeks and I'll definately post a new baby bump picture then.. but for now, keep being your little crazy energetic self because daddy and I love to see and feel you move :-D And I also love how when daddy talks or touches you, you seem to "perk" up.. i love how you two are bonding already :-D its amazing.. and also, let me add that your older sister just ADORES you already.. shes always rubbing you and saying hi and talking baby talk to we cannot wait for your arrival!! but please, take your time, because we definately have more "prepping" that needs to be done before Sept. :-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

19 weeks

Well, Logan, we are about halfway.. yay! :-D We had a great week as I already mentioned in the last post, so I dont have much to update anyone on anything right now, except for the 19 week picture.. And the fact that you are still moving around like crazy in mommy's belly.. I told daddy that I dont think you ever sleep and I pray that this doesnt mean that you won't sleep after birth either..ha. I dont mind the energy, that keeps life exciting :-) however, if you dont let mommy sleep, now THERES a problem..ha. and then daddy went on to mention (because he was reading up on my pregnancy and the weeks ahead.. how ADORABLE :-D he loves you so!!!) that in a few weeks, you will REALLY be moving.. You'll know when you are upside down and flip around even more and you will react even more to sounds.. *sighs* oh boy, Logan.. theres already never a dull moment with you.. :-D

Oh, I forgot to mention that this week daddy also felt you move for the first time! :-D on 4/13 at night, when i felt you kicking, I told daddy to put his hand on you and he was reluctant because everytime he does, you stop. but finally, you kicked for him! about 2 or 3 times! .. and he LOVES feel you move! now he puts his hand on you every once and awhile to see if you are moving.. last night he felt you kick a few times again. :-D Its amazing and i cannot believe that i am falling more and more in love with you already!! daddy falls asleep every night with his hand on you, mommy's belly.. he loves you very much already too :-D

We also told your brother and sister about your sex on Wednesday when they came over after school.. they are both really excited to have a new little brother, although i won't lie, Aubri wanted a little sister.. she reacted with "i guess the boys are always first" :-) ha. so im sure she can wait for a little sister :-D

another small note: I no longer fit into my size 5 skinny jeans :-(

end of week 19, 4/16 at about 147 lbs

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Logan Riley Hearn :-D

Wow, what a past couple of days!! Mommy's been busy.. I'll start with the 19th week sonogram daddy and I went to yesterday. It was great seeing you again, I love ultrasounds :-D You were def active, as you always are.. :-) the Ultrasound Tech could barely keep up with you! ha. But you definately were not shy about showing us your "parts" the first thing we saw, she said "see the leg? and theres the other leg.. that thing right there, not a third leg. theres no doubt its a boy!" it was so nice to find out you are a boy! :-D We are ESTATIC! of course Me, Aubri, and Mom-mom were thinking you were a girl and were a little shocked.. but now that we know your sex, we can give you a name! and there was no doubt, we both thought you looked like a Logan. So Logan Riley Hearn, it is :-D I emailed and facebooked everyone yesterday, and friends and family are really excited, love your name, and cant wait to start shopping for ya! :-D I am too, but I am trying to contain myself..haha.. Daddy and I need to go register for baby shower gifts soon so "Aunt Nikki" can start planning the shower. :-) We are excited because Uncle Jeffery and Uncle Larry and mom-mom and pop-pop hymer bought your crib already, so I cannot wait to finish your room to see how it looks! :-) now we just need the stroller, car seat, baby carrier (i want a sling type thing so it's easier to carry you around when i dont have the extra hand), rocker, and dresser, those are the most important things we are focusing on right now.. can't wait to register, how exciting! :-D daddy thinks its "corney" and funny how excited i am about meeting you, but i just cannot help it!! not that i want to rush the pregnancy because i am loving every minute of it, but i cant wait to see your personality, how happy and active you are, and what you look like.. will you look more like daddy or me? will you share some of the same traits as your brother and sister or your grandparents or even Uncle Shaun? :-D Anyways, it was interesting to see how much you've grown! we can no longer see all of you in one shot at the ultrasound! and i was a little disapointed because you were moving so much we could barely make out your face.. we did see you for a bit and you are adorable! :-) your nose and lips are so cute!

your head          your face                  your leg           your spine

                                                           your umm "boy parts" (ha) and your foot

Today I went to another doctor, Premier Womens Health of South Jersey and met with Dr. Hapner. It was different from the South Jersey Clinic in Salem right away because I waited only about 5 minutes and the office was really organized, clean, and quiet.  Everyone was really nice and helpful. the Dr. helped me feel at ease about some of my worries and patiently answered all my questions. Even though the visit was short (about 20 minutes) it was not rushed at all and the Dr. was very attentive and focused on me and i LOVED it!! :-D I am never going back to the clinic again! I made an appointment for May but am not sure if I am goint to keep it because i am visiting another dr. next week, a midwife who delievers at Elmer which is what I am aiming for, but I heard Underwood is nice as well. I am nervous about the midwife because it is a little different, but either way I will be fine because I definately like Premier. :-) My weight was 147 (which is what the scale at work said as well..) and your heart beat is about 150 which the dr said is very strong and that is around what your heart rate has been so far. The Dr. said my uterus is right under my belly button which is where it belongs and that i looked good and had a good weight as well and my urine is perfect (the clinic always said my urine is not right.. i dont know..) and that i need to go get some blood tests and my urine sent away for lab testing before my next appointment. Ill do that after i see the midwife on monday and decide which dr i will be seeing for the rest of the pregnancy. :-)

I have yet to get anyone else to feel your movements.. maybe you are shy like your sister said.. ha. :-)  and more people are noticing that i am pregnant although everyone i know says im still "little".. for the first time, my guests at my table at Applebee's noticed i was prengant.. that was kind of nice and weird :-) ha.

and on another note, I wore my first article of materinty clothing today. a pair of jeans i got from a yard sale for $1, size small. I can still fit into my regular jeans, however, it was nice to wear jeans with an elastic band beacuse they are VERY comfortable :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

18 weeks

here you are at 18 weeks, 4/9 :-D
about 147 lbs.. my goal is to gain at the most 25 lbs, so thats about 8 lbs down, 17 to go..ha. P.S. I still fit in my size 5 skinny jeans, yay! :-D

Im starting to get REALLY excited and anxious to see if you're a boy or a girl so i can FINALLY call you by name!! only a few more days.. yay!! You're still moving around a lot.. mostly kicks, punches, or jabs.. pretty agressive, like you're doing some kick boxing in mommy's belly..ha. I keep trying to get people to feel your movement with me but everytime someone else puts their hand on you, you stop!! Your big sister Aubri tried to feel you last night, but she thinks you're being shy ;-) sometime soon, Im sure it will happen.. I cant wait! I also cant wait for random people to start noticing that I'm pregnant. Even though I feel huge, everyone says I'm still small and strangers and distant friends who dont know im expecting just kind of eye my belly a bit probably thinking "is she fat or pregnant?" hahha.. I just dont want to be one of those annoying mothers who tells EVERYONE that Im carrying you, but I'm DYING to brag, so I cannot wait til you are more noticable and more people ask and give me an oppertunity to boast non stop about my future motherhood and my amazing baby whom i love so much already! :-D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5th Doctors Appointment

I think you knew I was taking you for a check-up today because you were moving around like crazy, baby! :-) I wish daddy couldve been around because I definately could feel your movement with my hand on my belly and I know he's dying to feel you move! It'll happen soon enough... The doctors appointment went okay.. The doctor kind of upset me again and made me even more excited about the two appointments i made with different doctors over the next 2 weeks. I am just not comfortable with this one I have currently. Last visit, he told me to get my blood work done for a test to see if you had Down Syndrome or not.. and I dont remember him explaining the reason for the blood work thoroghly because if he did, i would have told him no. I dont care about any disabilities you might have, I will love you just the same, as long as you are happy and healthy. This visit, he went to go tell me the results and I told him i didnt want to hear it, I didnt want to be worried about you.. as long as you are healthy im fine. Then he went on to say that I am confusing him and I agreed to take the test and I should of said no in the first place. Well he didnt even ask, really.. and he never thoroghly explained it. Whatever. He practically forced me into hearing the results cuz he was so upset.. and it was negative. Like I said, it doesnt matter.

The doctor weighed me and apperantly im about 150 now. I find it hard to believe that I gained SIX POUNDS in ONE MONTH. So I'll def be checking my weight on other scales this week (my scale is old, so it might be off, but it says im 145).  And he gave me a referral to go get an ultrasound and I sceduled it for next Tuesday. We also listened to your heartbeat and it was about 144 (it should be from 140-160) which means its kind of slow, so if the wives tales are true, maybe you ARE a boy like "aunt nikki", daddy, and some of my friends think.. we will know for sure next Tuedsay! :-D I am VERY excited because that means I can finally call you by your name instead of "baby" and I just love ultrasounds.. It gives me a chance to see and hear you and I cannot wait! :-D Btw, just for the record, I did think you were a girl in the first place, but now Im not so sure...

I know in the beginning, I didnt seem to enjoy my pregnancy but now I am LOVING it.. I look and feel GREAT! and I have never been happier! This is definately the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am starting to imagine life after you are born and I cannot believe I am finally gonna be a MOMMY! :-D WOW!  The only downside is the back and leg pains, but really that is nothing compared to how happy I am to have you in my belly! :-D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Is that what I think...???

Soooo usually you are very active, Mommy feels you move about 90% of the day.. and I LOVE it! :-D Hope that means you are one active, happy, bubbily baby! :-D And it makes me even more excited to meet you! However, today Ive been feeling a different movement.. not fluid movements, not jabs like punches and kicks.. more like twitches. And at first i thought it was just you being crazy (like your mommy..hahha..) but then i started to get worried cuz i felt it pretty much all day.. I finally gave into my parania and looked it up and maybe its hiccups?? could i be feeling your hiccups already?! I have no clue...hahhha.. but if i do figure out that they are hiccups in the future, i want to make sure i remember this day because HOW CUTE ARE YOU?! :-D (18 weeks)

And I think that yesterday i could feel you move outside of my belly. I had my hand on my belly when i was sitting down and was pretty sure i felt you so i laid down and tried it again and you moved again! then i called over daddy and he put his hand on you and you stopped! hahaha.. this happened several times last night (April 3rd, 18 weeks) and after a while, he just thought i was imagining things, but i think i'm right.. :-D and i hope you'll move for daddy soon because hes anxious to feel you :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

17 weeks

3/2, about 144 lbs (will find out for sure on doctors scale at the end of this week)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mommy feels your movement :-D

So at around March 25th, the end of the 16th week, i started to feel something in my lower abdomen, but everyone said it was too early to feel you and its probably gas.. well, i def think its not gas, so finally this morning i took someones advice and laid still and quiet for a few minutes and felt you move!! :-D So here we are, at 17 weeks and i can feel you move when i sit or lay down and when i do feel ya, you move like i guess daddy and i are gonna have our hands full with ya ;-) i cannot wait! :-D

Sunday, March 27, 2011

week 16

Well, once again, another week flew by and we are entering our 17th week (or 18th week if you want to go by my doctor who cant make up his mind..ha..) this past week was a decent one. I still have a little bit of morning sickness here and there, although i dont get sick, but im happy that its not as bad as it was in the first trimester. My back and legs still ache, along with some lower abdomen pain ("pelvic pain"?) which i dont know what it is, but was told its normal. The pain comes and goes, however, and its something ive learned to ignore.. and im starting to love and become more and more comfortable with this second trimester. Sleep is getting better, although i do feel like an old lady at times because i "cant hang".. ha. i get tired pretty early and start to drag when im on my feet for long hours.. but im sure ill adjust to all that soon.


..trying to take a better pic.. daddy loves this baby bump, but he has a hard time capturing it..ha.

Every once and a while, i think i feel you, but im not sure if its gas or anything else.. i feel this random kind of twitch from the area you might be sitting which feels like a poke from within..but its still a little early so we will see. But the good news is I guess you're finally showing!! :-D I dont really know what to look for since ive never been pregnant before and every little bit of fat on my belly looks "different" however, daddy finally agreed that i have a "baby bump" and for a first time, a random stranger recognized i was due! haha.. how cute! im sure in a couple of months that will start to be annoying (hearing random peices of advice and pregnancy stories from strangers) but for now, im loving it :-D im one proud momma! we took a quiz today and it was predicted that you are a girl! im just anxious to get this ultrasound in a couple of weeks and see what kind of clothes i can start buying! :-D Ive been looking into finding another doctor because im not sure about this one.. hes always in a rush during my visit and when i ask him about any concerns, he tells me its normal.. i found someone in Sweedsboro (that means ill be able to deliver in Elmer, where theres a brand new materinity ward and rumor has it, great nurses :-D although my dream was to always deliver at the same hospital i was born at.. but its out of state and medicade wouldnt cover that) i need to wait for my HMO Horizon card to come in in April (about a week or so) and be able to visit this other doctor.. so we will see..

Daddy and I just got back from a much needed weekend away in Atlantic City. We had a blast, as always.. and I counting on this being our last couple get-away for a while.. but thats okay.. :-D hopefully our next trip will be to the beach with the kids this summer.

Daddy's next project (and his "baby" for right now..ha..) is the fish tank.. which he is working on as i type.. here are the before pics take a few days ago.. hes hoping to have it ready for fish soon..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basement.. house project #1 before due date

Daddy's been working really hard to get this basement mostly done so we could move the kids play area down there and change their playroom into your bedroom.. here are some photos..

the ceiling before..

daddys working hard!! love this tile! :-D

fish tank wall almost there.. daddy put up his own drywall

lots of holes in the wall but that will be fixed soon..

behind the fish tank before pic.. (sideways, sorry..)

halfway there!! the ceiling and lights look amazing!!  (cant figure out how to rotate pics on here..)

the main, biggest part of the basement is done!!

this is all we have left.. the smaller part of the basement..

Friday, March 18, 2011

week 15 baby bump

3/18, end of week 15,   144 lbs

it still doesnt feel like a baby bump.. to me it looks like fat :-( i just cant wait til its an OBVIOUS preggo belly..without the jiggly gross stuff..       :-P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4rth Doctors visit

Well, the 4rth doctors appointment is over and all is great! :-) We got to listen to your heartbeat which is always exciting.. i love hearing or seeing you! cant wait til i actually get to feel your movements as well! I also saw the dentist and nutritionist.

the dentist appointment was a lot easier this time..  they say that pregnant women have the worse gums, for some odd reason they get really senstive and prone to bateria and stuff. So just for YOU, baby i took up flossing and have been to the dentist 3 times already (both things i HATE..bleh) but i dont want any bateria in my mouth to affect you.. and my gums have been improving.. there wasnt as much pain or bleeding this time, woo-hoo! :-D

the nutitionist said that i looked good and aplauded my improvement on my diet.. ive been working hard trying to make sure you get the nutrition you need :-) She also weighed me and im now at about 144 (i started out at 138ish before i knew i was pregnant.. then 145 after the first 2 months..) so she said that my weight is kinda back and forth but that i look healthy and that she will wait to judge my growth and weigh me again in a couple of months after the next ultrasound and get to measure your growth as well..

i also got my blood taken for screen tests to make sure you dont have any serious disorders.. and they told me that your due date is now predicted to be Sept. 2nd.. im sure that will change maybe once or twice again..ha. the doctor said that all is well and you and mommy are healthy and that the cramps and back pains ive been feeling are normal.. and that massages help (thats a hint for daddy) ill see him again in 3 weeks and then we will get to see you again in another ultrasound where we will hopefully get to reveal.. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNN.. your sex! :-D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Trimester Pics..


1/18, 7 weeks

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

11 weeks, 2/15

2/14, week 11    (145lbs.. "pre-baby fat")
     3/5, week 13  (142.7lbs)

        (SECOND TRIMESTER) week 14, 3/12  (143lbs)