Thursday, March 17, 2011

4rth Doctors visit

Well, the 4rth doctors appointment is over and all is great! :-) We got to listen to your heartbeat which is always exciting.. i love hearing or seeing you! cant wait til i actually get to feel your movements as well! I also saw the dentist and nutritionist.

the dentist appointment was a lot easier this time..  they say that pregnant women have the worse gums, for some odd reason they get really senstive and prone to bateria and stuff. So just for YOU, baby i took up flossing and have been to the dentist 3 times already (both things i HATE..bleh) but i dont want any bateria in my mouth to affect you.. and my gums have been improving.. there wasnt as much pain or bleeding this time, woo-hoo! :-D

the nutitionist said that i looked good and aplauded my improvement on my diet.. ive been working hard trying to make sure you get the nutrition you need :-) She also weighed me and im now at about 144 (i started out at 138ish before i knew i was pregnant.. then 145 after the first 2 months..) so she said that my weight is kinda back and forth but that i look healthy and that she will wait to judge my growth and weigh me again in a couple of months after the next ultrasound and get to measure your growth as well..

i also got my blood taken for screen tests to make sure you dont have any serious disorders.. and they told me that your due date is now predicted to be Sept. 2nd.. im sure that will change maybe once or twice again..ha. the doctor said that all is well and you and mommy are healthy and that the cramps and back pains ive been feeling are normal.. and that massages help (thats a hint for daddy) ill see him again in 3 weeks and then we will get to see you again in another ultrasound where we will hopefully get to reveal.. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNN.. your sex! :-D