Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 weeks

your crib blanket/'s gonna be the same orange as the lion

25 weeks 5/28, apprx 157 lbs (18lbs gained since pre-preg weight, 8 lbs left til max gained goal)

your first toy/gift from grandma krumm 5/28

everything is still going great.. :-D mommy is feeling great, minus the days when her back, hips, and legs are bothering her, but thats is seriously minimal compared to the joy of carrying you :-D Im loving how i realize that now you react to certain things.. for example, you love to dance when you hear music :-) and you're def shy already because no one has been able to feel you move besides your sister and daddy and me.. and you could be as still as a rock but when daddy puts his hand on you, you go NUTS. hahhaa.. i honestly dont like how shy you are, we are def gonna hafta break you of that. no kid of mine can ever be shy! hahha.. i also love how i can "play" with you... i know it sounds crazy, but you will be still and i will poke at you or shake you and then you will react.. and it makes me even more excited to hold you in my arms and play with you in person :-D i love you so!!

and so does everyone else!! daddy def enjoys feeling and watching you move.. and at grandpa krumm;s bday party yesterday, everyone loved "seeing" you!! they said you've grown! and that you have! hahaa.. :-D everyone rubbed you and said hi but i think you were tired yesterday because you didnt move as much as you used to.. but i am definately loving the fact that you are a little more noticable by others now.. and i smile ear to ear when someone gives me an excuse to talk about you and your arrival, my baby boy :-D

Thursday i go see my oby/gn who is my midwife's partner..this will be the first time i am meeting the dr instead of the midwife, but i am excited!! ill keep you updated after the appt :-D

Monday, May 23, 2011

24 weeks

i feel like such a bad mother because its been such a rough week i havent really had time to take the belly bump pic or post anything about you recently.. sorry, baby boy. but i did check my weight last night, we are now at about 157. (18 lbs since pre-preg weight and 7 lbs til max weight gain goal)

There is really nothing else new to write about.. mommy is feeling fine and you are still as active as ever :-) your kicks have definately gotten a lot stronger and sometimes I feel your movement on my bladder which is.. lets just say, interesting. ha.

I still cant believe that theres almost 3 months left til your arrival!! I love ya so and everyone, including me is sooo excited to meet u, but i do worry about being "ready" for ya, so take your time and grow and perfect yourself as much as you can before you decide to meet the world.. besides, life is a lot better in the womb anyways ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

is this what you'll look like?

hahaha.. found this website that joins together mom and dad's pics to show what the baby might look like and i tried it with me and daddy and here it is..

kinda cute and scarey at the same time.. i think its cuz he's not smiling.. my son will most definately be smiling :-) and its strange how he has red hair and neither daddy nor i have red hair but your grandpa krumm does.. will you have his hair color? hmm.. cant wait to meet you, bay boy! :-D

btw, just thought id mention that over the past couple of weeks your kicking has gotten a lot stronger.. take it easy on mommy, please Logan :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 weeks

23 weeks, 5/14 (cousin Matthew's wedding)
about 155lbs (16 lbs gained.. 8 more left til max goal)

feeling great! love being preggo and love loving you, Logan! :-)  gonna call the midwive soon about some new symptoms ive been having.. maybe they are normal, but she told me to listen to my body and be cautious about anythign going on because it is important to treat a UTI asap at this time of the pregnancy and to look out for premature labor signs..

btw, i noticed recently that yes, you are a very active baby.. but it cracks me up because its like some days i can feel you move every sec and the next day, almost nothing (btw, that used to worry me a bit, but i got over that quickly because its nothing to stress about) and i think its because you are nuts like your mommy, but you wear yourself out and need to rest..hahaha.. yesterday at the wedding, you moved a bit here and there but didnt start really moving til i was driving home and all til i laid down to sleep..haha.. figures ;-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

..just wanted to tell ya..

Logan, i LOVE when i can feel your movement in my belly.. everytime you move, you make me smile, baby boy.. :-D Mommy loves you VERY much already! and if you already make me this happy and full of love, i cannot wait to see how happy i am when you are born! cannot wait to meet you! :-D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 weeks

Not much to put in this post besides the fact that daddy will be starting on your room soon, yaaayyyy!! :-D and mommy's working on your registry..  Your baby bump is getting more and more noticable and i love watching you grow and being congradulated by random strangers (just as long as they dont TOUCH the baby bump, we are fine..hahah..) :-D as if its possible, im getting more and more excited about your arrival... it seems more and more real everyday.. but i will miss being pregnant.. i LOVE watching and feel you move around in there (which you do a TON.. daddy says you do it more while im sleeping..hahha.. good thing it doesnt bother me :-P) now i can see you actually MOVE from one end of the womb to the next (and not just the kicks and punches..)

22 weeks, 5/7 about 153 (14 lbs gained)

i cannot wait to meet you because you are SOOOO adorable already!! :-D  im feeling great.. just experiencing a lil pain in the back and front from time to time.. yesteday was a bad day.. and the day before i was BEAT up by my allergies.. im glad i can take something for them while im pregnant.. i dont think id survive if i couldnt. ha. I hope you can hear the music and feel me jamming to it because ive def been breaking it down around the house, in the car, and at work lately.. haha.. enjoy, Logan! love ya, baby boy! :-D

P.S. today is mothers day.. its definately crazy to be wished a happy mothers day... i hope i can be the best mother in the world to you..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd Midwife visit, 5th month check-up

I LOVE our midwife, Logan!! she takes her time with me and understands that i have a ton of concerns and questions and she is very understanding, patient, and encouraging with me.. just what i need :-) I talked to her about my lack of sleep lately and she said i could take Benadryl at night which is def what i will start doing instead of taking Zyrtec..yay! :-D they weighed me at the office but i dont think it was accurate cuz i had just eaten breakfast and all.. they said about 154.. that means i gained about 2 lbs in the past 3 days? i think not.. however, it did open my eyes to how much i need to try to take better controls of my urges.. it is SO hard to have self control and not eat candy and other sweets :-( but i need to try harder to avoid those things and get better exercise.. today is a beautiful day and so i went for a walk and bikeride.. my back and legs are feeling better, that is great :-D however, now the muscles under my baby bump are hurting, which is normal because of the gained weight in that area and such, but its not comfy at all :-/ good thing i have an active lifestyle overall with your siblings and my job..

we listened to your heartbeat and i LOVE doing that.. its getting so loud and strong! how cute!! :-) we also talked about some other concerns i have, and shes handles me and my worries amazingly..hahah.. so happy with my choice! :-D i have to get some blood work and I will see her again next month :-)

enjoy the music and dancing, my lil man, mommy's in a good mood and feeling great today :-D

****added after first published***
i forgot to mention something else the midwife told me.. she said at week 22 you can start to go into premature labor.. i couldnt believe that!! already?! i feel like im not that far along just yet.. she said i should stay hydrated and that means drink AT LEAST ONE GALLON of water A DAY.. IN ADDITION to other drinks..!! ahhhhh!! lol.. well, that just means more potty trips :-P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

week 21 pic

4/29, 21 weeks
about 152 lbs (13 gained, about halfway to my max lbs gained goal)
FYI: according to your weight gain at 22 weeks should be around 12-15 lbs and after that is is average to gain about 1 lbs per week. I have about 18 weeks left, however my weight gain goal max is 25 so that leaves about 12 lbs left to gain..

Logan, I feel like you "sprouted" at around 19, 20 weeks.. its hilarous to see peoples reactions because it's like you came outta nowhere...ha. And now I feel like you've been the same size over the past couple of weeks.. (wk 20 and 21) :-D