Saturday, July 9, 2011

mommy's slacking again.. :-/

ok, ok.. i know its been a while since ive posted and i am sorry about that but ill try to quickly update you.. the third trimester has had its downsides with the lower back pains and heart burn (daddy says that means you will come out with a head full of hair :-D) but its been great watching you grow, feeling you move, getting ready for your arrival (daddy and i have been VERY busy with working on your room and our house), and getting even more and more excited (and a lil nervous) about your arrival getting closer.. :-D and ive mostly enjoyed my third trimester :-D

the last 2 dr appts went well..mommy and you are healthy and growing as you should be.. :-) it was the blood sugar test, shots, and such that was the unfun part.. yeck, glad thats over. however, i got to meet the obygn who is partners with my midwife and she is great! :-)  i learned that being rh - (my blood type) is not safe when you're pregnant.. who knew?   I had to take a painful shot at the hospital to help protect you from my cells.. (its hard to explain) the shot wasnt fun, but it was a blessing in disguse because i got to see and tour the hospital you will be born at!! and i LOVE it!! the nurses are so nice and very accomidating and all about natural child births, breastfeeding, and having the baby stay in the room with the parents after birth.. all of which make me very happy :-) it made me even more excited for your birth and make your life even more of a reality to me!!

Daddy and i have also been very busy getting the house and your room ready for your arrival.. daddy is pretty much done the basement and his fish tank looks great!! i know you will just love it!! :-) the yard is looking nicer with a painted deck and weeds all gone.. and your bedroom is painted and has the most important furniture in it: your crib and changing table.. and we also have a ton of hand-me-downs which i have to wash but i feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life who are so giving!! :-) all thats left is getting the basinett ready (gotta clean and set it up in our room), curtains, laundry, and your dresser.

"Aunt" Nikki (my BEST friend) is busy planning your shower and i sooooo cannot wait!! :-) that will be in about a month! yay!! and ive been getting things ready for my last day of work (2 weeks before your due date, Aug 16th) so i can get a paycheck while home with you after birth :-) and daddy is getting more and more excited for your arrival in Sept (or whenever you decide to grace us with your presence! :-D )

daddy and i also went to a birthing class on Thursday and will go every thursday this month while Grandma Krumm watches your brother and sister.. it was AMAZING!! i am SO glad i am going!! :-D its at the same hospital (but different location) that i am delivering at so the teacher might just be there for your birth! (she is a RN and a lactation consultant) she is an advocate of natural childbirth and breastfeeding as well, so she is helping teach us different methods to deal with the pain.. she also helps mommy to relax which i know you love! :-)

next week, i have another midwife appt and thats the beginning of the appts. which are now going to happen every 2 weeks.. and i cannot wait!! i am now 32 weeks (8 weeks left.. aahhhh!! :-D) and she said at around 36 weeks, she will check to make sure that you are head down and everything, but other than that, no more shots or anything, so mommy is scott free! yay!! :-) i am about 162 lbs now which is pretty normal... however, i stopped weighing myself all the time because i didnt like to see my weight so high (even though i know it is normal and healthy during pregnancy) and i just let the midwife weigh me and she says im little but doing great.. :-D it makes me think that you are going to be a small baby, which i love!! i cannot wait to see your little hands and feet! :-D

everywhere i go, strangers are noticing the baby bump.. they ask the same things: what are you having? and when are you due? most of the time, they can guess im having a boy (since i am carrying so low) and most of the time, people are shocked to find out i have 8 weeks left "you're so tiny!" they tell me.. good :-) i like being "tiny"..hahha.. as long as its healthy.

oh and here's a random note: you have hiccups like once a day.. at first i thought it was you kicking, but then i realized it was your hiccups.. and you are moving nonstop as usual, and everyone is enjoying seeing and feeling your movement.. :-D  my good friend lindsey was the first person outside of our family (daddy and sister aubri) to feel you move.. yay! :-D get used to all these people now, Logan because you will meeting them all face-to-face pretty soon... they all love you already and cannot wait to meet you! :-)

ok, now onto pics.. i havent uploaded any on here since the 3rd trimester began, and you've def grown and my belly's shaped has changed (daddy says its because you are turning to get ready to have your head down.. i think its weird looking, but amazing and cute at the same time! :-D)

6/3,  26 weeks

  6/10, 27 weeks

 6/18, 28 weeks

 7/8 31 weeks

 7/8, 31 weeks.. belly's shape has def changed.. you're getting ready for your arrival!! :-D

 6/3, your room is painted :-)

 6/27.. your room is almost there! :-)

now onto some of daddy's home renovations..

 daddy added border.. looks great! :-)

 every once and a while he adds more life to the tank

 and now there are no more holes in the walls.. yay! :-)