Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 weeks

your crib blanket/'s gonna be the same orange as the lion

25 weeks 5/28, apprx 157 lbs (18lbs gained since pre-preg weight, 8 lbs left til max gained goal)

your first toy/gift from grandma krumm 5/28

everything is still going great.. :-D mommy is feeling great, minus the days when her back, hips, and legs are bothering her, but thats is seriously minimal compared to the joy of carrying you :-D Im loving how i realize that now you react to certain things.. for example, you love to dance when you hear music :-) and you're def shy already because no one has been able to feel you move besides your sister and daddy and me.. and you could be as still as a rock but when daddy puts his hand on you, you go NUTS. hahhaa.. i honestly dont like how shy you are, we are def gonna hafta break you of that. no kid of mine can ever be shy! hahha.. i also love how i can "play" with you... i know it sounds crazy, but you will be still and i will poke at you or shake you and then you will react.. and it makes me even more excited to hold you in my arms and play with you in person :-D i love you so!!

and so does everyone else!! daddy def enjoys feeling and watching you move.. and at grandpa krumm;s bday party yesterday, everyone loved "seeing" you!! they said you've grown! and that you have! hahaa.. :-D everyone rubbed you and said hi but i think you were tired yesterday because you didnt move as much as you used to.. but i am definately loving the fact that you are a little more noticable by others now.. and i smile ear to ear when someone gives me an excuse to talk about you and your arrival, my baby boy :-D

Thursday i go see my oby/gn who is my midwife's partner..this will be the first time i am meeting the dr instead of the midwife, but i am excited!! ill keep you updated after the appt :-D