Saturday, April 9, 2011

18 weeks

here you are at 18 weeks, 4/9 :-D
about 147 lbs.. my goal is to gain at the most 25 lbs, so thats about 8 lbs down, 17 to go..ha. P.S. I still fit in my size 5 skinny jeans, yay! :-D

Im starting to get REALLY excited and anxious to see if you're a boy or a girl so i can FINALLY call you by name!! only a few more days.. yay!! You're still moving around a lot.. mostly kicks, punches, or jabs.. pretty agressive, like you're doing some kick boxing in mommy's belly..ha. I keep trying to get people to feel your movement with me but everytime someone else puts their hand on you, you stop!! Your big sister Aubri tried to feel you last night, but she thinks you're being shy ;-) sometime soon, Im sure it will happen.. I cant wait! I also cant wait for random people to start noticing that I'm pregnant. Even though I feel huge, everyone says I'm still small and strangers and distant friends who dont know im expecting just kind of eye my belly a bit probably thinking "is she fat or pregnant?" hahha.. I just dont want to be one of those annoying mothers who tells EVERYONE that Im carrying you, but I'm DYING to brag, so I cannot wait til you are more noticable and more people ask and give me an oppertunity to boast non stop about my future motherhood and my amazing baby whom i love so much already! :-D