Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Logan Riley Hearn :-D

Wow, what a past couple of days!! Mommy's been busy.. I'll start with the 19th week sonogram daddy and I went to yesterday. It was great seeing you again, I love ultrasounds :-D You were def active, as you always are.. :-) the Ultrasound Tech could barely keep up with you! ha. But you definately were not shy about showing us your "parts" the first thing we saw, she said "see the leg? and theres the other leg.. that thing right there, not a third leg. theres no doubt its a boy!" it was so nice to find out you are a boy! :-D We are ESTATIC! of course Me, Aubri, and Mom-mom were thinking you were a girl and were a little shocked.. but now that we know your sex, we can give you a name! and there was no doubt, we both thought you looked like a Logan. So Logan Riley Hearn, it is :-D I emailed and facebooked everyone yesterday, and friends and family are really excited, love your name, and cant wait to start shopping for ya! :-D I am too, but I am trying to contain myself..haha.. Daddy and I need to go register for baby shower gifts soon so "Aunt Nikki" can start planning the shower. :-) We are excited because Uncle Jeffery and Uncle Larry and mom-mom and pop-pop hymer bought your crib already, so I cannot wait to finish your room to see how it looks! :-) now we just need the stroller, car seat, baby carrier (i want a sling type thing so it's easier to carry you around when i dont have the extra hand), rocker, and dresser, those are the most important things we are focusing on right now.. can't wait to register, how exciting! :-D daddy thinks its "corney" and funny how excited i am about meeting you, but i just cannot help it!! not that i want to rush the pregnancy because i am loving every minute of it, but i cant wait to see your personality, how happy and active you are, and what you look like.. will you look more like daddy or me? will you share some of the same traits as your brother and sister or your grandparents or even Uncle Shaun? :-D Anyways, it was interesting to see how much you've grown! we can no longer see all of you in one shot at the ultrasound! and i was a little disapointed because you were moving so much we could barely make out your face.. we did see you for a bit and you are adorable! :-) your nose and lips are so cute!

your head          your face                  your leg           your spine

                                                           your umm "boy parts" (ha) and your foot

Today I went to another doctor, Premier Womens Health of South Jersey and met with Dr. Hapner. It was different from the South Jersey Clinic in Salem right away because I waited only about 5 minutes and the office was really organized, clean, and quiet.  Everyone was really nice and helpful. the Dr. helped me feel at ease about some of my worries and patiently answered all my questions. Even though the visit was short (about 20 minutes) it was not rushed at all and the Dr. was very attentive and focused on me and i LOVED it!! :-D I am never going back to the clinic again! I made an appointment for May but am not sure if I am goint to keep it because i am visiting another dr. next week, a midwife who delievers at Elmer which is what I am aiming for, but I heard Underwood is nice as well. I am nervous about the midwife because it is a little different, but either way I will be fine because I definately like Premier. :-) My weight was 147 (which is what the scale at work said as well..) and your heart beat is about 150 which the dr said is very strong and that is around what your heart rate has been so far. The Dr. said my uterus is right under my belly button which is where it belongs and that i looked good and had a good weight as well and my urine is perfect (the clinic always said my urine is not right.. i dont know..) and that i need to go get some blood tests and my urine sent away for lab testing before my next appointment. Ill do that after i see the midwife on monday and decide which dr i will be seeing for the rest of the pregnancy. :-)

I have yet to get anyone else to feel your movements.. maybe you are shy like your sister said.. ha. :-)  and more people are noticing that i am pregnant although everyone i know says im still "little".. for the first time, my guests at my table at Applebee's noticed i was prengant.. that was kind of nice and weird :-) ha.

and on another note, I wore my first article of materinty clothing today. a pair of jeans i got from a yard sale for $1, size small. I can still fit into my regular jeans, however, it was nice to wear jeans with an elastic band beacuse they are VERY comfortable :-)