Thursday, April 7, 2011

5th Doctors Appointment

I think you knew I was taking you for a check-up today because you were moving around like crazy, baby! :-) I wish daddy couldve been around because I definately could feel your movement with my hand on my belly and I know he's dying to feel you move! It'll happen soon enough... The doctors appointment went okay.. The doctor kind of upset me again and made me even more excited about the two appointments i made with different doctors over the next 2 weeks. I am just not comfortable with this one I have currently. Last visit, he told me to get my blood work done for a test to see if you had Down Syndrome or not.. and I dont remember him explaining the reason for the blood work thoroghly because if he did, i would have told him no. I dont care about any disabilities you might have, I will love you just the same, as long as you are happy and healthy. This visit, he went to go tell me the results and I told him i didnt want to hear it, I didnt want to be worried about you.. as long as you are healthy im fine. Then he went on to say that I am confusing him and I agreed to take the test and I should of said no in the first place. Well he didnt even ask, really.. and he never thoroghly explained it. Whatever. He practically forced me into hearing the results cuz he was so upset.. and it was negative. Like I said, it doesnt matter.

The doctor weighed me and apperantly im about 150 now. I find it hard to believe that I gained SIX POUNDS in ONE MONTH. So I'll def be checking my weight on other scales this week (my scale is old, so it might be off, but it says im 145).  And he gave me a referral to go get an ultrasound and I sceduled it for next Tuesday. We also listened to your heartbeat and it was about 144 (it should be from 140-160) which means its kind of slow, so if the wives tales are true, maybe you ARE a boy like "aunt nikki", daddy, and some of my friends think.. we will know for sure next Tuedsay! :-D I am VERY excited because that means I can finally call you by your name instead of "baby" and I just love ultrasounds.. It gives me a chance to see and hear you and I cannot wait! :-D Btw, just for the record, I did think you were a girl in the first place, but now Im not so sure...

I know in the beginning, I didnt seem to enjoy my pregnancy but now I am LOVING it.. I look and feel GREAT! and I have never been happier! This is definately the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am starting to imagine life after you are born and I cannot believe I am finally gonna be a MOMMY! :-D WOW!  The only downside is the back and leg pains, but really that is nothing compared to how happy I am to have you in my belly! :-D