Monday, April 4, 2011

Is that what I think...???

Soooo usually you are very active, Mommy feels you move about 90% of the day.. and I LOVE it! :-D Hope that means you are one active, happy, bubbily baby! :-D And it makes me even more excited to meet you! However, today Ive been feeling a different movement.. not fluid movements, not jabs like punches and kicks.. more like twitches. And at first i thought it was just you being crazy (like your mommy..hahha..) but then i started to get worried cuz i felt it pretty much all day.. I finally gave into my parania and looked it up and maybe its hiccups?? could i be feeling your hiccups already?! I have no clue...hahhha.. but if i do figure out that they are hiccups in the future, i want to make sure i remember this day because HOW CUTE ARE YOU?! :-D (18 weeks)

And I think that yesterday i could feel you move outside of my belly. I had my hand on my belly when i was sitting down and was pretty sure i felt you so i laid down and tried it again and you moved again! then i called over daddy and he put his hand on you and you stopped! hahaha.. this happened several times last night (April 3rd, 18 weeks) and after a while, he just thought i was imagining things, but i think i'm right.. :-D and i hope you'll move for daddy soon because hes anxious to feel you :-)