Saturday, April 16, 2011

19 weeks

Well, Logan, we are about halfway.. yay! :-D We had a great week as I already mentioned in the last post, so I dont have much to update anyone on anything right now, except for the 19 week picture.. And the fact that you are still moving around like crazy in mommy's belly.. I told daddy that I dont think you ever sleep and I pray that this doesnt mean that you won't sleep after birth either..ha. I dont mind the energy, that keeps life exciting :-) however, if you dont let mommy sleep, now THERES a problem..ha. and then daddy went on to mention (because he was reading up on my pregnancy and the weeks ahead.. how ADORABLE :-D he loves you so!!!) that in a few weeks, you will REALLY be moving.. You'll know when you are upside down and flip around even more and you will react even more to sounds.. *sighs* oh boy, Logan.. theres already never a dull moment with you.. :-D

Oh, I forgot to mention that this week daddy also felt you move for the first time! :-D on 4/13 at night, when i felt you kicking, I told daddy to put his hand on you and he was reluctant because everytime he does, you stop. but finally, you kicked for him! about 2 or 3 times! .. and he LOVES feel you move! now he puts his hand on you every once and awhile to see if you are moving.. last night he felt you kick a few times again. :-D Its amazing and i cannot believe that i am falling more and more in love with you already!! daddy falls asleep every night with his hand on you, mommy's belly.. he loves you very much already too :-D

We also told your brother and sister about your sex on Wednesday when they came over after school.. they are both really excited to have a new little brother, although i won't lie, Aubri wanted a little sister.. she reacted with "i guess the boys are always first" :-) ha. so im sure she can wait for a little sister :-D

another small note: I no longer fit into my size 5 skinny jeans :-(

end of week 19, 4/16 at about 147 lbs