Monday, May 23, 2011

24 weeks

i feel like such a bad mother because its been such a rough week i havent really had time to take the belly bump pic or post anything about you recently.. sorry, baby boy. but i did check my weight last night, we are now at about 157. (18 lbs since pre-preg weight and 7 lbs til max weight gain goal)

There is really nothing else new to write about.. mommy is feeling fine and you are still as active as ever :-) your kicks have definately gotten a lot stronger and sometimes I feel your movement on my bladder which is.. lets just say, interesting. ha.

I still cant believe that theres almost 3 months left til your arrival!! I love ya so and everyone, including me is sooo excited to meet u, but i do worry about being "ready" for ya, so take your time and grow and perfect yourself as much as you can before you decide to meet the world.. besides, life is a lot better in the womb anyways ;-)