Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 weeks

Not much to put in this post besides the fact that daddy will be starting on your room soon, yaaayyyy!! :-D and mommy's working on your registry..  Your baby bump is getting more and more noticable and i love watching you grow and being congradulated by random strangers (just as long as they dont TOUCH the baby bump, we are fine..hahah..) :-D as if its possible, im getting more and more excited about your arrival... it seems more and more real everyday.. but i will miss being pregnant.. i LOVE watching and feel you move around in there (which you do a TON.. daddy says you do it more while im sleeping..hahha.. good thing it doesnt bother me :-P) now i can see you actually MOVE from one end of the womb to the next (and not just the kicks and punches..)

22 weeks, 5/7 about 153 (14 lbs gained)

i cannot wait to meet you because you are SOOOO adorable already!! :-D  im feeling great.. just experiencing a lil pain in the back and front from time to time.. yesteday was a bad day.. and the day before i was BEAT up by my allergies.. im glad i can take something for them while im pregnant.. i dont think id survive if i couldnt. ha. I hope you can hear the music and feel me jamming to it because ive def been breaking it down around the house, in the car, and at work lately.. haha.. enjoy, Logan! love ya, baby boy! :-D

P.S. today is mothers day.. its definately crazy to be wished a happy mothers day... i hope i can be the best mother in the world to you..