Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 weeks

23 weeks, 5/14 (cousin Matthew's wedding)
about 155lbs (16 lbs gained.. 8 more left til max goal)

feeling great! love being preggo and love loving you, Logan! :-)  gonna call the midwive soon about some new symptoms ive been having.. maybe they are normal, but she told me to listen to my body and be cautious about anythign going on because it is important to treat a UTI asap at this time of the pregnancy and to look out for premature labor signs..

btw, i noticed recently that yes, you are a very active baby.. but it cracks me up because its like some days i can feel you move every sec and the next day, almost nothing (btw, that used to worry me a bit, but i got over that quickly because its nothing to stress about) and i think its because you are nuts like your mommy, but you wear yourself out and need to rest..hahaha.. yesterday at the wedding, you moved a bit here and there but didnt start really moving til i was driving home and all til i laid down to sleep..haha.. figures ;-)