Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd Midwife visit, 5th month check-up

I LOVE our midwife, Logan!! she takes her time with me and understands that i have a ton of concerns and questions and she is very understanding, patient, and encouraging with me.. just what i need :-) I talked to her about my lack of sleep lately and she said i could take Benadryl at night which is def what i will start doing instead of taking Zyrtec..yay! :-D they weighed me at the office but i dont think it was accurate cuz i had just eaten breakfast and all.. they said about 154.. that means i gained about 2 lbs in the past 3 days? i think not.. however, it did open my eyes to how much i need to try to take better controls of my urges.. it is SO hard to have self control and not eat candy and other sweets :-( but i need to try harder to avoid those things and get better exercise.. today is a beautiful day and so i went for a walk and bikeride.. my back and legs are feeling better, that is great :-D however, now the muscles under my baby bump are hurting, which is normal because of the gained weight in that area and such, but its not comfy at all :-/ good thing i have an active lifestyle overall with your siblings and my job..

we listened to your heartbeat and i LOVE doing that.. its getting so loud and strong! how cute!! :-) we also talked about some other concerns i have, and shes handles me and my worries amazingly..hahah.. so happy with my choice! :-D i have to get some blood work and I will see her again next month :-)

enjoy the music and dancing, my lil man, mommy's in a good mood and feeling great today :-D

****added after first published***
i forgot to mention something else the midwife told me.. she said at week 22 you can start to go into premature labor.. i couldnt believe that!! already?! i feel like im not that far along just yet.. she said i should stay hydrated and that means drink AT LEAST ONE GALLON of water A DAY.. IN ADDITION to other drinks..!! ahhhhh!! lol.. well, that just means more potty trips :-P